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  •            Just wanted to give you a heads up on a terrific free app created by the University of Maryland on a grant called StoryKit for your iPhone or iPad.  StoryKit enables you to take photos, make sound recordings, and type in text into electronic book pages it stores on your iPhone or iPad.  It has revolutionized my ability to converse with Peter.

    We just had an hour long “conversation” with some friends about our trip to Disneyland yesterday because I had taken pictures, recordings, and written text as we went along from ride to ride.  Reviewing the story was a perfect opportunity to teach perspective taking (his favorite, my favorite ride; why he didn’t like the parade because it was too loud and what I liked about it- comparisons and contrasts; how you turn the iPhone so your conversation partner can see the photo too, and how to position your body to point out people in the shots), language (wh questions), sequential organization, and time concepts (what did we do before Autopia?  what did we do after?  what did we see next?).  At first I framed my questions so that Peter could just read the text out loud to reply.  As he warmed up, I asked questions that were not directly answered by the text.  The text was still helpful as Peter could refer to it in order to retrieve vocabulary he needed in his replies.  Peter loved looking at all the photos, which, along with everyone’s enthusiastic reactions, helped him put up with all the reading, answering questions, and turning the iPhone so others could see.

    I’ve made storybooks/journals about my child’s day before, drawing in pictures or pasting photos.  Believe me, it was very time consuming.  Now with StoryKit taking the hassle out of journaling, we can use it to provide the memory and language support for our conversations and the photos/recordings to make it fun to share.


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